Ethernode is proudly built by a passionate team.
We believe in trust minimization and eliminating 3rd parties.
It doesnt matter if your a Developer or your first experience.
We do the heavy lifting, you do the rest.
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Hardware for your home.
a one stop shop solution.

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Our Linux based lightweight
ECT Blockchain OS

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Cloud Nodes for custom needs.
Account access, and Support.

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Decentralized Node Network

Join a community that believes in immutability and protecting privacy utilizing hardware ditributed across the Globe
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Ethernode is your portal to access IoT solutions and the Blockchain.
Built with a security conscious mindset and careful consideration of your needs. Our solution is state of the art. Nothing close to all those production nodes you hear about.

Nodes Worldwide

Developers and Blockchain supporters come from all around the world. We are calling on you. Lets accelerate our beliefs. Every new node contributes to decentralization and immutability. Lets take back our privacy and put the power back in our hands. It's time for all of us to unite!

Fast Deployment

We've taken all the hard work out of your hands. Creating a node, deploying a smart contract, sending ETC, and verifying your transaction is a few clicks away. Accelerate your dAPP deployment!

Stay updated with News and Releases

Host your ETC Node with a click of a button and build the next greatest dapp on the ETC blockchain.
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